The Project German-Ukrainian Cooperation in Organic Agriculture (COA) – Phase II has been implemented since 2016 in a first, four-year phase (until August 2020) and in a second phase from 1 September 2020. Through the Bilateral Cooperation Program, the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL) supports partner countries in the development of a productive and resource saving agricultural and food economy. The COA project contributes in particular to the efficient and sustainable development of agriculture in Ukraine through its focus on the promotion of organic production.

Development goal:

The Ukrainian organic agriculture sector has expanded and product quality has improved.

Project objective:

Competencies and institutional structures for the advanced development of organic agriculture have been enhanced.

Planned results:

Result 1:

MinEcon (Ministry of Economy), FSA (Food Safety Agency) and NAAU (National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine) are able to properly implement the tasks assigned to them in the Organic Law.

Result 2:

NMZ (Scientific and Methodological Centre for Higher and Further Vocational Education) operates a knowledge platform for the development and provision of information about organic agriculture relevant to training.

Result 3:

Private and public institutions contribute to a structured and professional exchange of information within the organic sector and promote its visibility in Ukraine.

Target groups:

Direct target group:

Personnel at MinAgro involved in the organic legislation process, at FSA and NAAU, who have been entrusted with the implementation of the Organic Law of Ukraine at national and regional levels.

Representatives of all the institutions and facilities currently involved in the design, establishment and operation of the knowledge platform.

Indirect target group:

Other private or institutional actors within the sector that are prepared to cooperate with each other and engage commonly in public and towards Government institutions. Consumers of organic products will benefit from improved organic agriculture.




Ministry of Economy  (MinEcon) and the Ministry of Education and Science (MBW)


On the German side: GOPA AFC GmbH as leader of the consortium with IAK 

On the Ukrainian side: FSA and NMZ


1 September 20201 to 30 August 2025

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